Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The First Cake Owen, John and Me made it for Mom and Dad's 15th Anniversary. yay!
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

El Dorado City, the city of retirement people

2 last weeks ago, like at the beginning of June. This time my hostmom took me to the place where she grew up. that was El Dorado City, a city in south of Arkansas close to Louisiana State. that time, my hostmom, and John my hostbro and I went to Grandparents' house right there. it was pretty and the weather was hot enough and remind me with Indonesia. we went to several places but El Dorado is not a big city though. It was a developing city and still produce oil till now. we didn't have a big plan, we just went to Athletic Club for Swimming. and that time i was learning how to swim and i met new Friends form Texas also which is my host bro, Owen's Friends, Luke and Catheline (maybe, I'm not sure how to spell their name =)

Saint Louis City, WOW! that's such a big City!

On May, while enjoying rest of the time in USA, i was lucky to get a chance going to a wonderful city in Missouri called Saint Louis. my trip start at 8 am Friday morning. my host dad, mr. Erick and one of my host bro, John and I myself we headed out to the city by our car. the trip was 7-8 hours. as soon as we got Papa and Didi's (grandparents) house there, went to Fishing and had a lot of fun. and the best thing I could do right there was I could see directly with my naked eyes, the Gateway Arch . that was exceedingly awesome!! The Arch is what the city famous for. after enjoying three days there, we went back home in Little Rock.

My Senior Picnic

First time, i was thinking that we were (the seniors) going to Lake for picnic but the fact was because the water in Lake was too high several inches that way Mr. Straessle (The Principal) changed the plan. Finally we were going to Memorial War Stadium, a famous football stadium in Little Rock and the place for Razorback Team Playing. we played many kind of sports at there football, soccer, or even Volley ball because we brought the poles and net from school. it was a hot day. everybody get could get burned. but the game was really interesting so nobody complained about it.
We were playing for like 4 hours from 9 am till 1 pm. what i did was taking pictures and videos as much as i could because the view was so awesome and that event would be the last time i hung out with all of my friends. and i did it. and that wasn't the only thing i did. i also was playing football and soccer with them. And played guitar because one of my friends bring it. and you know what?! if i see guitar anywhere I'll be like crazy till I could grab and play it/ It was a good day :D