Saturday, November 26, 2011

Inauguration of Acrom10n-ers and a little tragedy

On Sunday, November 13th 2011 there was a really big event that held by Medical Student of Indonesian Muslim was an inauguration of class of 2010 in Celebes Convention Center. Nobody knew that it would be a spectacular event with various of performances from "Acrom10ners" such as, beautiful folk dance, manly boy band, awesome choir and lip sync drama..(sorry i don't know how to say parodi in english lol)....
anyway, if I wanna tell my story about that night it would be a long and endless I won't tell you guys :D at least I was having a role to be an Master of Ceremony and indeed, it was AWFULLY AWESOME...but something ruined that inauguration...because of some unresponsible people who stole 3 blackberries (those are cellphone, not the true blackberries :D) and include mine. ohh unfortunately, it was a really bad tragedy for me...I lose beloved cellphone..hmm it has gone and I don't know when it would back to me or maybe never :(